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Content marketing

Content marketing is on the up. According to María Toledo from Inboundcycle, “content marketing is a marketing technique based on creating, publishing and sharing content that interests your buyer persona. The aim of content marketing is to attract potential clients through relevant, good quality content that will keep their attention, and turn them into clients further down the line.”

Your business might already have a very well-defined content marketing strategy, and you might even already be investing lots of time and money in it:

  1. Writing articles for your blog, with content that’s relevant for your clients
  2. Sending newsletters and emails
  3. Creating downloadable ebooks
The importance of words and how we use them

It’s important that the content is of good quality and is well written in the original language. But, what about the other languages? As we mentioned in another article a few years ago, it’s important to speak our clients’ languages in order to connect with them. To reach your clients and ensure they feel a connection with you and your products or services, it’s very important for you to speak to them in their language, and to do so correctly.

After all the effort you put into putting your strategy into effect in one language, why wouldn’t you take other languages just as seriously?

To translate all this marketing content, both the translator and the reviewer have to be experts in the sector, and in marketing. They have to be creative linguists that adapt texts to the market and the local audience in each country. In certain cases, transcreation might even be necessary, as opposed to traditional translation.

Translation vs. transcreation

The term transcreation is a mix of “translation” and “creation”. It means that you’re not just translating the text, but that you can change examples or even phrases to better adapt them to a target audience in another country. It’s creative translation, and it calls for specific, special skills.

What is multicultural marketing?

Multicultural marketing is the adaptation of marketing campaigns, advertising, newsletters and all types of communication with new target markets. Every single country is a totally unique, and it’s important to dedicate the same energy and effort to all your clients, wherever they are, and whatever language they speak.

That means that a process that involves two specialised linguists for every language combination is more important than ever. Working in teams of two, a translator and a reviewer, we can ensure that content is correctly translated and adapted to each market. If you want more information about this process, we explained it in more detail in this article.

If you have clients in various countries and already have a well-defined content marketing strategy in place, make sure you follow the same strategy for all markets. That will ensure that you’re coherent and strengthen your brand image.

At LocalizationLab we can help you with your content marketing strategy worlwide. We already work with other clients that have internationalized their business, like Affinity Petcare. You can read their success story here (in Spanish).

If you need more information you can send us an email (, it will be our pleasure to help you.

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