Your words say a lot about you.

Hello! We’re LocalizationLab. We know that our name sounds English, but we’re based in Catalonia, Spain. Localization means adjusting a product’s characteristics to adapt it to the particular linguistic, cultural, political and legal standards of a market or country. This is what we do. We’re Montserrat and Rosa Maria. Both of us hold a BA Degree in Translation by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and also studied at other European universities. Both of us worked for many years in Hewlett-Packard, currently one of our main clients. And both of us are mums, and we love to travel with our families, explore the world, speak other languages and work together.

Five years ago, we started this project. Even though, at first, it was daunting to come out of our comfort zone and launch our own business, we knew straight away that it was the right thing to do. Our goal was to establish a company that offers quality linguistic services to help businesses communicate flawlessly with their clients around the world. When we worked at HP, outsourcing work to produce high quality translations was often challenging. We are fully aware that translating is no easy task and that the outcome can be highly subjective. This is why the relationship with both our clients and translators is important.

  • We offer a working relationship based on reliability, professionalism and respect. The process we use involves the client first hand. We ask questions and if the client wants to review the final outcome, we incorporate their changes into their particular glossaries and translation memories.
  • We aim for our company to be flexible, in order to strike a healthy balance between the professional life we are so passionate about and the family life we love.
  • We work with professional and qualified translators. We pay our translators fair rates so that they can make a decent living from their profession and devote the required time to the project at hand.
  • Our goal is to help Catalan and Spanish companies sell their products and services internationally, while allowing them to feel completely confident that they are making a good impression.
  • We also want to help companies from other countries sell their products and services here, as if they were based locally.
  • We aim to ensure complete customer satisfaction and make our clients stand out through using the best possible choice of words.

We are passionate about what we do, and we do what we are passionate about.

  • We love turning texts into well-written texts.
  • We love turning well-written texts into stunning texts.
  • We love turning stunning texts into stunning texts in any language.



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