Machine Translation


We offer machine translation (MT) from English, Spanish and Catalan into several European and Asian languages. Our engines use AI and we always employ professional translators to check the translations (machine translation post-editing).

Machine translation can involve lower costs and faster processes, but it isn’t suitable for every text type and language combination.

We assess whether MT is appropriate for the text type and, if it is, we consider the option of using it. You always have the final say on the process we use to produce your translation.

Our automatic translation engines guarantee confidentiality. We assure quality by employing specialist professional translators as post-editors to thoroughly review the output.

It’s essential to carry out thorough MT post-editing. Our professional translators have extensive experience with editing and proofreading MT and devote all the necessary care and attention to it.

The technology and AI used in our MT engines are updated and improved daily. At LocalizationLab, we always use the newest versions available. We continuously evaluate them to identify which will give us the most appropriate and reliable results in view of the text type and language combination.