Law firms, legal departments and private clients. We can help you to translate your contracts, reports, certificates, lawsuits, patents or sworn translations into whatever languages you need.

We know that legal translations are very different from standard translations. That’s why we’ve created a translation and review process that allows us to offer careful legal translations that are true to the original.

Our process always includes two language experts, a translator specialised in law and a reviewer that’s a lawyer-linguist. That allows us to ensure the translations and revisions we produce are of high quality and are correct according to the legal system of each country.

We work with more than 15 language combinations

As a company that has experience in project management, we follow a process that includes revision by an expert lawyer and native speaker of the target language. That means you can focus on your own job, while being reassured that your translations are in good hands.

Why work with LocalizationLab?

  • We work with law firms and legal departments that demand the highest quality standards.
  • We always have teams of two language experts for each project – one translator and one reviewer, which ensures the highest quality standards.
  • All our translators and reviewers are professionally qualified, native speakers and experts in the topic and industry. We have more than 300 partners all over the world. Why not take a look at what our partners say about us?

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