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The verb ‘interpret’ comes from the Latin interpratari, which means to explain, elucidate, translate, or present. At LocalizationLab, we offer professional interpretation services, with qualified interpreters working with different language pairs. Our team of interpreters is spread over different European countries, meaning we can assist you at meetings and conferences, wherever you are.

  • Do you have meetings with clients from other countries?
  • Do you need interpreting services in Barcelona?
  • Do you have to visit a client or supplier abroad, but you’re not confident with the language?
  • Do you organise events or conferences where you need simultaneous translation?

Our team of interpreters can help you.

Ask us for a no-obligation quote. We would be delighted to assist you.

What type of interpreting services do we provide?

Consecutive interpreting

While the speaker delivers their speech, the interpreter takes notes. After the speech, the interpreter creates a translation from the notes. This method is used for short speeches and when only two languages are used. This method is used for press conferences and product presentations.

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreters in a booth listen to the speaker through headphones and translate almost simultaneously what the speaker is saying.
Technical equipment is required here. This method is used for conferences, congress, seminars, courser and meetings.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter translates short exchanges into both working languages, with no note-taking. No technical equipment is required. This is used in visits to factories or companies and in small meetings.

Whispering interpreting (chuchotage):

The interpreter whispers into the ear of the person who requires a translation. This technique may be suitable when there are just one or two people who need the service.

Court or official interpreting

It is used exclusively to certify what is said and translated in an act in which the client wants or has to give official legal value to what is said or written. The sworn interpreter is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or the Generalitat de Catalunya.



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