“After working with this company for several years, I highly recommend it. They are our preferred provider for all localization projects in Spanish because they are competitive and always respond quickly and positively. We were able to quantify the value they gave us due to an increase in market share thanks to the effectiveness of their work in the culture and target language .

– Dawn Schwiebert (Hewlett-Packard), San Diego, United States


“I had the opportunity to work with LocalizationLab during the final phase of the development of the game Sports Connection, a Wii U game developed by Ubisoft Barcelona; the experience could not be more positive. The game was located in Catalan and a linguistic revision was needed in our offices. LocalizationLab carried out a very professional process adapted to our needs, to test, report problems and suggest solutions. Having them as part of our teams and the fact that they could speak directly with our designers was a great improvement. Their involvement greatly increased the quality of the product.”

– Luís Cascante (Ubisoft), Sant Cugat del Vallès


“During more than 10 years of experience offering translation services for our events, and content generation, I have finally found a company with which to collaborate with total confidence. I recommend LocalizationLab as a high quality company.”

– Carolina Bernal (INTRACON), Sant Cugat del Vallès


“Working with LocalizationLab helped me to have quality training content in various languages, especially for complicated 3D technical content in a short time.”

– Mina Cervallos (HP), Sant Cugat del Vallès


“With LocalizationLab I got a good result and a good image.”

– Joan Reixach (Kidnelis), Sabadell


“Thanks to LocalizationLab I can live in peace with translations.”

– Xavi Ilincheta (NewTimes2012), Barcelona


“Due to the type of documents that we work in our department (legal) it is a very positive point that the translations are done by translators who are lawyers or with legal knowledge and this LocalizationLab offers us with a reasonable price-quality ratio and a time of correct delivery.”

–  Elisabet Prió, Lawyer Coordinator (Original Buff, SA), Igualada