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The Importance of Using Translators that are Qualified as Lawyers for Translating and Revising Legal Texts


One of our largest customers is the legal department of a textiles company. When we were asked to translate their documents into English, including contracts, data protection, certificates and privacy policies, we didn’t need to think twice: using an expert translator or editor that was also qualified as a lawyer was essential.

Legal terminology is highly specific and can have legal determinants that make it important to reflect the source language faithfully and write the target language precisely. This article takes an in-depth look at all the aspects to consider when translating legal texts.

To meet the needs of our customer, it was essential to have a specialist legal translator on board. This person needed to hold a law degree and also be a solicitor.

Incorrect legal translation can give rise to many problems but most of all it creates excess work for the customer, as they cannot trust the accuracy of the final translation and then need to revise the whole document internally. This is a waste of the customer’s time and obliges them to dedicate resources to an area that could be outsourced.


That’s why at LocalizationLab we want to offer our customers peace of mind through the knowledge that they can rely on us, and that there’s no need to revise translations internally if they can’t or have no desire to do so. Rest assured, our team of lawyer-translators will translate and review them for you.

The importance of an expert legal translator cannot be overestimated when it comes to legal texts. In the words of our customer, “Due to the type of documents we work with in our department (legalese), we rate positively that translations are performed by qualified lawyers.”

All the above demonstrates how we were able to resolve our customer’s problem. We continue to offer professional legal translation, and the outcome is positive, as the words of one customer reveal, “Thanks to LocalizationLab, I’ve managed to stop feeling anxious about translation.

Written by LocalizationLab