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Your customers' language

Do you want to connect with thousands of prospective customers from the global 3D printing industry? Have you considered internationalizing your business and selling to other countries? These four steps will help you reach more customers worldwide:

  1. Analyze your market:

Where are your customers or prospects located? Identifying the country, region, or city where you could market your products is the first step to defining your internationalization strategy and, thus, deciding whether you have to translate your content (website, blog, software, product literature, etc.) into other languages.

  1. Decide what languages you need:

Once you have defined your market and identified prospective countries, you have to define the languages and translation strategy. Taking your translation needs into consideration when developing content will make the job easier. If you are not sure what languages you need, contact an internationalization expert to advise and support you.


  1. Select a specialized translation company:

Translation is a highly competitive industry and finding the right translation company can seem daunting. Make sure that your language service provider follows the recommendations of the ISO 17100:2015 standard for translation services.

They should also specialize in 3D printing or additive manufacturing and work with professional and specialized native translators.

The translation of 3D printing texts is one of our areas of expertise. 3D printing is still a relatively young industry, and the specific terminology is growing by the day. Understanding the processes, purpose, and use of this technology is key to translating it and even daring to convincingly coin new terms.

At LocalizationLab, we have specialized in the translation and revision of 3D printing or additive manufacturing content. We have proven experience with the translation of both technical (user manuals, software strings) and marketing and legal texts into more than 15 languages and have grown alongside our clients in the industry.

  1. Boost your sales worldwide:

Connect with thousands of potential customers from the global 3D printing industry by speaking their language. It will allow you to broaden your influence in the industry and position yourself as leaders.

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