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Markforged® is a U.S. company that has designed The Digital Forge, a 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing platform for industrial strength parts.

We had the opportunity to speak with Steve Zitkovich, Senior Marketing Localization Manager for Markforged for whom LocalizationLab translates from English into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, Polish, Romanian and Czech, their manuals, website and brochures.

1. Why did you contact a translation agency?

Because Markforged’s market is technical and specialized, I need a translation agency which has experience with terminology in manufacturing and 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing. LocalizationLab was recommended to me by one of Markforged’s value added resellers.

2. Has LocalizationLab helped you solve any problem? Which ones?

LocalizationLab has offered solutions to hurdles I have faced over the course of our working relationship.

One very helpful thing has been updating our translation memory, both in terms of growing and managing our glossaries to consolidating our translation memories from different vendors. LocalizationLab has been instrumental in helping manage our growing translation memory database.

Also, LocalizationLab has helped with Markforged’s video localization.

  1. Aligning our subtitles to the target languages since target languages do not necessarily line up 1:1 with the English linguistic flow.
  2. Doing full production + implementation of videos with on-screen graphics; all I had to do was hand off the source files and LocalizationLab was able to deliver completed video files.

3. Do you like working with LocalizationLab and why?

LocalizationLab is great to work with! They are like an extension of my localization team, not just a vendor with whom my relationship is merely transactional. I trust them to do the best thing for me.

LocalizationLab is accurate, flexible and highly professional. They deliver excellent quality translations through professional project management.

4. Do you think LocalizationLab is different from the competition? In what ways?

For me there are four main differences between LocalizationLab typical translations agencies:

  1. LocalizationLab has experience with technical documentation in the 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing industry. It is important that LocalizationLab’s translators are familiar and comfortable with our market’s technical terminology.
  2. LocalizationLab works like a trusted partner, like an extension of my localization department. Our working relationship is not just transactional where I send words and LocalizationLab charges me for translations.
  3. LocalizationLab project management, and its translators, are very responsive to how our translations evolve.
  4. LocalizationLab is very thorough and accurate in its work; they deliver things correctly according to our working parameters the first time.

5. Would you recommend LocalizationLab as a translation provider to other 3D printing companies? Why?

I would heartily recommend LocalizationLab as a translation provider to other companies in the 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing industry.

  • LocalizationLab has linguistic expertise relevant to the industry which means they deliver high quality at a good price due to the efficiency of their domain knowledge.
  • Equally importantly, LocalizationLab is easy to work with: their project management is detail oriented and highly communicative.
  • Lastly, I can see that LocalizationLab genuinely likes working in 3D printing / additive manufacturing; this fuels their desire to deliver excellence, linguistically and in customer service.